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Save up to 90% on cell calls when traveling

Traveling abroad? If you use your domestic cell phone service overseas, you may end up paying over 4 dollars per minute just to make a call. Some travelers return to the U.S. to see that they’ve racked up hundreds of dollars to make international mobile calls.

There's a better way!

OneSimCard is a low cost alternative to overseas roaming with your domestic cell phone provider. OneSimCard has roaming agreements with carriers in over 170 countries, allowing for savings of up to 90% with just one SIM card on calls made on your cell phone from abroad. You'll enjoy low international roaming rates for cell calls -- including free incoming calls and text messages in dozens of countries.

With OneSimCard:

Visit OneSimCard now to buy a SIM card for your existing GSM phone, rent a cell phone for as little as $25 - including $5 of air time - or purchase a new mobile handset.